German Repair and Handyman Services

In a large house there’s always the odd repair job to do, for which sometimes it is simply over the top to call the specialist. We’re experienced handy-people and can carry out a large number of jobs for you, uncomplicatedly and efficiently:

  • General household repairs and home improvements of all kinds (installation of furniture, installing curtain rails, hanging mirrors and pictures, installing lamps, ventilators …)
  • Wood repairs, sanding and smaller wood construction jobs
  • Sanding and waterproofing of wooden exterior furniture
  • All sanding and varnishing jobs of metal and wood furniture and object
  • All interior decorative home painting and wall painting jobs, including qualified color mixing and mixing of pigments (professional paint spraying system)
  • Repairs of stones, joints and tiles, stone waterproofing, natural stone and tile laying
  • Plastering and stone repair jobs
  • Drilling and dowelling
  • Installations, setup and connection works
  • Cleaning of air conditions / cleaning and changing of filters
  • Smaller standard electricity repairs
  • Smaller standard plumbing repairs
  • Grinding metal and de-rusting works