Cleaning & Repairs

We carry out all cleaning jobs in your house and care for the outside areas as well, professionally, reliably and friendly. We bring along a number of our own professional machines, tools and cleaning agents, but are happy to use yours as well. We work with strong professional hoovers, steam cleaners, window hoovers and high pressure cleaners, but at the heart of our work remains manual work. Because correct cleaning does require certain techniques, in which we have been trained. We’re happy to do all classic cleaning jobs for you; once a week, or in cycles that work best for you.

  • Hoovering: with our professional Kärcher hoover, including various special attachments (for sofas or difficult corners) we clean your house off of dust and loose dirt. For hygienic reasons we clean all parts regularly and change filters often.
  • Dusting: wooden surfaces are cared for with wood maintenance products and soft cloths; varnished, mirroring or shiny surfaces are treated with slightly damp microfibre cloths and very mild agents, including dry wiping with clean, dry and lint-free cloths to minimize stripes or stains from drips or wiping.
  • Floor washing/mopping: standard cleaning of all types of floors with specialized and mildly scented cleaning agents or soaps; professional cleaning of ceramic floors, natural stones and wood floors.
  • Screens: professional cleaning of computer screens, TV screens, and surfaces of electronic devices with extra soft microfibre cloths; regular disinfection of remote controls.
  • Bathrooms: thorough cleaning/disinfection of bathrooms, including professional cleaning of glass shower walls, shower cabinets, large mirrors, descaling of fittings, shower heads, tap aerators and tiles, cleaning of plughole etc.
  • Kitchen: thorough cleaning/disinfection of kitchens including gas, glass and induction hobs, ovens and exhaust hoods, refrigerators, work tops, sinks, small appliances, doors, handles and waste bins.
  • Exteriors: we’re also happy to care professionally for your terraces and pool areas, including sweeping and cleaning of terraces, seating and lounge areas by the pool and all adjacent areas; cleaning of exterior barbecues.
  • Seasonally:
    • cleaning of terrace furniture and covers
    • high pressure cleaning in spring and fall
    • spring cleans and intensive/deep cleans
    • cleaning of slabs and natural stones, pathways, exterior stairs, plastered walls and natural stone walls (up to approximately 2,50m; no scaffolding works)
  • Extras:
    • intensive deep cleans after building work and renovation
    • cleans before and after parties and invitations
    • cleaning of interior wall stains & elimination of wax stains


Repairs in and around the house

In a large house there’s always the odd repair job to do, for which sometimes it is simply over the top to call the specialist. We’re experienced handy-people and can carry out a large number of jobs for you, uncomplicatedly and efficiently:

  • General household repairs and home improvements of all kinds
  • Wood repairs, sanding and smaller wood construction jobs
  • Sanding and waterproofing of wooden exterior furniture
  • All sanding and varnishing jobs of metal and wood furniture and object
  • All interior decorative home painting and wall painting jobs, including qualified color mixing and mixing of pigments
  • Repairs of stones, joints and tiles, stone waterproofing, natural stone and tile laying
  • Plastering and stone repair jobs
  • Drilling and dowelling
  • Installations, setup and connection works
  • Cleaning of air conditions / cleaning and changing of filters
  • Smaller standard electricity repairs
  • Smaller standard plumbing repairs
  • Grinding metal and de-rusting works